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What is LASCNA?

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    LASCNA is the Louisville Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous.  We are an organization of addicts elected to serve the Groups of Narcotics Anonymous that meet in the Louisville, Kentucky area.  LASCNA is a member of KRCNA, the Kentuckiana Region Committee of Narcotics Anonymous, which in turn is a member of the Narcotics Anonymous World Service committee.

    The Groups that comprise LASCNA are completely autonomous, except in matters affecting other groups or NA as a whole.  LASCNA is a shared space in which to resolve such matters.  LASCNA in no way governs the Groups; it is simply a service organization.

    Informally speaking, LASCNA provides services to its member Groups that would be difficult or impractical for an individual group to provide alone.  For example, LASCNA's Public Relations sub-committee acts as a point of contact to members of the professional chemical dependency community, while LASCNA's Activities sub-committee organizes recovery-themed events, like dances and guest speaker meetings from other regions.

    Formally speaking, here is the definition of an area service committee:

    An area Service Committee (ASC) is a committee made up of Group Service Representatives (GSR's) from the groups within a designated area, administrative committee and subcommittee chairpersons, which meet monthly for the express purpose of serving the needs of its member's groups. The most important service that an ASC provides is that of its group‘s needs. Whenever a group has a specific situation or need, which it has not been able to handle on its own, it can come to its Area Service Committee for help. These situations are almost limitless in scope; however, we have learned that we can get much accomplished when we work together. An ASC performs other functions, which are of help to the groups. It can help groups get started or give aid to floundering groups. It may hold seminars to train trusted servants. The point is that an ASC handles whatever functions are necessary or helpful to its groups. In order to provide these services, an ASC needs the active participation of its GSR‘s. A group supports its Area Service Committee both financially and emotionally. It takes money to provide these services. It is a group's responsibility to offer this support. However, as an area grows, the financial needs of the community also grow. In order to provide a full line of services it requires a steady, reliable flow of money. Some areas provide these funds through activities. These alternate sources of financial support are helpful, but the bulk of the responsibility still falls on the members of a group.

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    September 2, 2015

    Real values

    “We become able to make wise and loving decisions based on principles and ideals that have real value in our lives.”
    Just For Today:I am grateful for the values I've developed. I am thankful for the ability they give me to make wise, loving decisions as a responsible, productive member of my community.