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Feedback Welcomed

This site is the new official site of the Louisville Area of Narcotics Anonymous.   All traffic will be sent here.  You now see this site when you visit,, or .

This work is being performed by the Public Information Sub-Committee of LASCNA. We on the PI committee are very interested in feedback from anyone who wishes to comment, be they addict or general public. Please use the comment facility below, or email with your thoughts. In keeping with our 12th tradition, which states that

Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles above personalities.

please submit all comments anonymously.

Love the site

From all the way in Canada -- Regina, Saskatchewan -- have checked the Louisville site(s) for over a year now and love it. Yours in Recovery.

new web site

i really love the new web site, the maps feature is a great addition. I like the way it shows the meetings for today listed on the home page. easy to navigate.

Dont know how this website

Dont know how this website could really be any better at this point! Great Job.

Anonymous Zach

LACNA 2010 ?

I like the new site. I'm finding that it is easy to navigate. There is the little problem under Events; it says Louisville Convention 2010: shouldn't it say 2011? Otherwise, great job !!!

This has been changed.

Thanks for the heads up


Thanks - fixed it. 


FYI, the best place to report problems on the site is to either email the webmaster at, or use the trouble ticket system at .  Thanks!

Awesome layout Ya'll

Great Job :)

Just for Today...

April 16, 2014

"Acting as if"

“Today, we seek solutions, not problems. We try what we have learned on an experimental basis.”
Just For Today:I will take the opportunity to act as if I can accept a situation I used to run from.