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Fellowship Literature

In bureaus of a financial or profit-making nature, individual opinion is sacrificed in favor of efficiency. In bureaus of a spiritual or religious nature, efficiency is sacrificed in favor of individual opinion.

There is a lot of information on the History of NA. There are many ways to view the current structure of NA and the growth of World Services. The best way for these to grow is to have an informed fellowship that uses Group Consciousness to make decisions. A term used for this is "carrying conscience" and this means that our locally elected representatives take the group conscience of our groups and "carry" that vote to higher levels of service, irregardless of their personal feelings on the matter. Some say that if you are not "carrying conscience", you are offering opinion. If based on experience, it is not necessarily bad or wrong; however, one should be aware of what one carries so as to not confuse themselves or others.
I have researched and read information on Early NA, including the history of how and when and why it started and here are a few links to that literature below. I found it interesting enough to present it here for all who might also find it interesting. I make no recommendations, only that you read it.

I have often heard it said that everything I am and know is open to revision

Again, this is fellowship developed literature from convention workshops and ad hoc subcommittees from various areas and NOT WSO approved. (take that for what is it worth and after reading it with an open mind, you might find your perception has changed) \m/(><)\m/

This is a place for additional speaker tpes and audio files. We will be uploading more in the future. Please check back occasionally for updates.

  • Jimmy K. at NA's 20th Anniversary
  • The NA Way of Life
  • Our Symbol
  • The Impending Crisis - written by Bo S. the chair of the first WSC LIT Com that developed the BASIC TEXT.
  • The Traditions Wars
  • Historical Archive Site with Audio Speaker Downloads.

  • Just for Today...

    August 30, 2015

    Doing good, feeling good

    “We examine our actions, reactions, and motives. We often find that we've been doing better than we've been feeling.”
    Just For Today:I will remember that if I change my actions, my thoughts will follow.